Map of Zorvath

A detailed map of Zorvath containing the 4 continents and its islands.

Zorvath is a realm ruled by the Zarioth Empire and is largely inhabited by men (There are some elven villages and dwarven clans, but these have no influence and they co-exist with the Zarioth Empire). The land knows a period of half peace as they are constantly threatened by Bjervor Corsairs attacking from an island realm to the south. Other than that they are living a period of wealth and fertility.


Zorvath was founded by Elves at first but after the first Men arrived they began to leave to another realm, only those who wished to remain are still present. The Dwarves arrived as the third race and simply began mining the mountains in the northwest. During a war between 3 kingdoms a 4th state rose which was created by villages and cities who did not want to get involved in the war. The Zarioth Alliance was found. After some years the war was still raging, and the Zarioth Alliance had enough strength to join the war. The weakened kingdoms fell one by one and the Zarioth Alliance ruled all over Zorvath. After a rebellion, caused by political and social unrest, the Alliance was transformed into an empire called the Zarioth Empire. From that moment Zorvath has been experiencing a time of political stability and social happiness. When the war was over several mines were found which contained gold, silver, copper, bronze and iron.


Zorvath has 4 continents and several island groups. In the northwest you have Norkhvial. In the northeast you have Therven, southeast you have the Gibhi Desert and in the middle you have Endalais. The capital of the Zarioth Empire is situated in Therven near the Lake of Zrogvoth. All continents, aside from the Gibhi Desert have a giant mountain range that is transformed as beacon towers, these are manned by Zariothan Legionnaires and are instructed to sound the horns if Bjervor Corsairs are sighted. In Norkhvial are the most mines, but these are mostly occupied by Dwarves, therefore they have to trade the materials coming from here. The Elves mostly live in Endalais, and its islands, as there are more forests situated. The big mountain rnage in Endalais is called the Tombs of Kings as the leaders of Zorvath are buried there, this place is considered to be a sacred area.


Zorvath knows only three seasons:

  • Spring: This season is a 1/4th period of a year.
  • Summer: This season is the longest and lasts 5/8th of a year.
  • Winter: The shortest season, this lasts 1/8th of a year but can reach an average temperature of -9 degrees Celsius.

Political leaders and statesEdit

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