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A Zorva Reiga decorated with gems.

The Zorva Reiga is the Zorvathian version of the Bible. Here all the tales and myths concerning the Creation of Life, The Zorvathian Gods and the Tale of the Underworld are written

The Gods are categorised in three categories:

  • All-Gods: The Allmother and Allfather.
  • The Gods: The children of the Allmother and the Allfather.
  • Creations: Beings created by the Gods to serve them before Life was created (so all mortal beings are not categorised in these).


Ayaleva, the Allmother

Brovyark, the Allfather

Gods of LightEdit


Oriani, the goddess of Life

Palantea, the goddess of Nature

Galactea, the goddess of Space

Bwagun, the god of War

Aquifrilia, the goddess of water

Mateagh, the god of the Sun

Spaegela, the goddess of Speed

Taevrolum, the god of Technology

Skylita, the goddess of Air

Staemena, the goddess of Health

Supay, the god of Humor

Freyae, the goddess of Friendship

Iluminae, the goddess Light





Gods of DarknessEdit


Nocturna, the goddess of Death

Daemonica, the goddess of the Underworld

Lunovrea, the goddess of the Moon

Viorghal, the keeper of the Dead

Nighvora, the goddess of the Night

Pilavea, the goddess of Plagues


Naevhirgo: Viorghal's demon hound.

Draco: A huge demonic undead dragon.

Forneus: A giant demonic water creature, it resides in the Bottomless Deathpools.

Marowit: A female demon that serves as a general. She can change her appearance to whatever she desires.

Manzachiri: A giant demon that roams the Mountains of Agony, waiting for its master's call.

Nidhogh: A giant demon dragon.

Ryujin: A giant demon dragon that inhabits the Sea of Despair.

Ryujin God: A giant Ryujin, he serves as their leader.

Tiamat: A giant 5 headed demon dragon.

Xanochoy: Daemonica's pet, Xanochoy is chained on the Mountains of Agony and can only be released by a shout of Daemonica.

Regnum SanctumEdit

Or Heaven, is the dimension where the Gods of Zorvath reside. They keep track of what goes on in Mythos but tend to give more attention to Zorvath.

Imo CaecaeEdit

Or Hell, is the dimension made by Daemonica to protect herself against her parents. Ever since then she resides here. She, and her brother and sisters, have been making Demons of all kinds since the Creation of Life..

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