A typical Zolothot

Zolothots were creatures that fought in The Dawn War.


Zolothots were one of the first races to evolve in Emiria and were reptilian in nature, as most races around this time were (excluding dwarves and humans). Zolothots were not the most powerful reptilian race but they were one of the most numerous. The Zolothot race, although new, often bullied humans as a lesser race and praised dragons as their forerunners and as gods. It is thought that the relentless torture of humans by the hands of the Zolothots was one of the major causes of The Dawn War, as many Zolothots kept humans as slaves. The Zolothots, although having greater numbers than the humans, fell to the enemy forces during The Dawn War.

They built large stone cities of up to thousands of inhabitants, which are now all ruined or buried. The stones of many went into building Alfa and human cities after their fall.

Some Zolothots remain, guarding their ruined cities in the Southern Jungles, but they are heading inevitably towards extinction.


A typical Zolothot has a humanoid body with a crocodilian head. They originated near water and in swamp areas but they were able to adapt to other climates (some Zolothot tribes even lived in the great desert to the east although not many). A ceremonial necklace passed down from generation to generation was often worn around a Zolothot's neck. Tradition dictated each Zolothot must add something to his/her chain. The only clothing worn by a Zolothot would be a long loincloth covering their genital areas. To wear anything else is a sign of cowardice and weakness, a philosophy that would be a large factor in their defeat in The Dawn War. Their weapon of choice is a long spear or sometimes a hatchet. A circular shield (also ceremonial) is worn on the other arm during battle.


The Zolothot hierarchy is a caste system. The castes were as follows:

  • The warrior caste: This caste is responsible for the fighting and military of the Zolothot race.
  • The builder caste: This caste is responsible for building cities and forts for the Zolothots to inhabit.
  • The royal caste: This caste is responsible for leading the Zolothot tribe they inhabited.

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