Zealot Hedroid was a soldier in the army of King Alfred Zeotriegn the Twelfth who fought in The War of Zeotriegn Beach. He is most famous for his book, The Summonings.


Zealot was born exactly the same year as the king, 3909 in The Kingdom of Zeotriegn. He lived in a very poor home. In 3927, Zealot was sent to the military. There, he trained for 31 years until his first war, The War of Zeotriegn Beach against the army of Tytos Korlath from Emiria. He fought wildly in the battle as a captain. He did survive the battle, though. However, he was given a blow to the head by an enemy. Zealot suffered brain damage. He was alright, but it messed up some of his memory. He claimed he saw things differently after the incident. He wrote a story about the war he participated in, The Summonings, but due to his brain issues, it was hardly anything to do with the war.

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