The Zariothan symbol.

The Zarioth Empire is the ruling force of Zorvath currently led by Emperor Cam Bonja.


The Zarioth Empire, called the Zarioth Alliance in the Old Days, was founded after the Zorvath Rebellion during a period of political and social unrest. After its founding it was accepted as the ruling force of Zorvath and made sure the realm is undergoing a period of peace and prosperity.


The Zarioth Empire has several military branches to safeguard Zorvath:

Important officers and individualsEdit


The Zarioth Empire have allied themselves with two smaller forces present in Zorvath. They also tamed a dragon kind which they call Draegens.

  • Norkhvialan Dwarven Clans: The Dwarves who mine the mountains in northwest Zorvath (called Norkhvial).
  • Enediarevon: A small Elven kingdom that aids the Zarioth Empire in exchange for protection.
  • Draegens: A type of Dragon which can be found all over Zorvath, the Elves were at war with them but the Zarioth Empire was able to ally with them and now use them as beasts of war/mounts.

Current EventsEdit

In FictionEdit

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