A Yorthaalo, in battle gear

The Yorthaalo were a species of reptilians that fought in The Dawn War and were subsequently driven to the Southern Jungles.


The Yorthaalo were one of the many reptilian races to evolve near the beginning of Mythos, and dominated all of Emiria until The Dawn War.

The Yorthaalo were renowned for being both powerful warriors and intelligent creatures. They were known to be one of the "command races" among the reptilian tribes. The prominence of this intelligence may be due to the fact that Yorthaalo did not breed as fast as regular reptilian races. It was not unusual for a female to lay only five eggs in her entire lifetime.

During The Dawn War, the Yorthaalo were prominent shock troops, but due to their low population, did not fight in very many battles. Many more provided leadership for the few ordered reptilian warbands that formed.


The average Yorthaalo had a very humanoid appearance, but with a crocadillian head and rough scales covering the body. The weapons of choice for a Yorthaalo were either two axes or two blades, attached to each arm.

The life expectancy of a Yorthaalo was about 36 years.

Naming SystemEdit

The Yorthaalo naming system is broken into four titles.

Levi'acten TaerDen Levo'yure Taer is a typical Yorthaalo name.

Levi'acten - First name, the one given upon hatching and the title used around friends and family.

TaerDen - Second name, the clan name that the Yorthaalo belongs to as well as their own personal variation of it.

Levo'yure - Third name, the formal name when addressing strangers or at tribe council meetings.

Taer - Fourth name, the clan name of the Yorthaalo, without personal variation.

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