Yantheriol (farms and cities)

A map of Yantheriol. The brown colour represents cities, etc... Green represents farmland Gray equals hills White are hilltops (or places where snow elves live)

Yantheriol is a realm mostly covered in a desert biome. It is home to Sand Elves, Snow Elves and the Sandcrawlers. Yantheriol is located nearby the island of Malta, so it is located in between Emiria and Olympia. Although it has no real connections with these realms.

Yantheriol has 4 continents:

  • Noginamegila: The upper left continent of Yantheriol, this continent houses Sand Elves and Sandcrawlers. Only one large city excists here as the city Arthon-Khar'fyor is deserted now.
  • Frenheiml: The largest continent, all natives live here, it is rumoured that the Sandcrawler mother hive is located in Frenheiml.
  • Olhonathos: The continent on the right, thanks to the Floodgates there are no traces of Sandcrawlers here. Both the Sand- and Snow Elves live here.
  • Saelon-Fhiryon: The lower left continent. Only inhabited by the Snow Elves, this continent consists mostly of snowy mountains.

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