Xenox is a realm on a remote island in Mythos.


No history has been recorded here, but everyone remembers all they must do; survive. It has always been like that in Xenox, you can never trust anyone, they will always end up disappointing you. However, it is known that Xenox was a part of the northern area of Zeotriegn, until it chipped of and drifted away.


Xenox is exactly like where it was originally placed, the Northern Grasslands. It is covered in tall trees and even taller mountains. However, it is much larger than the Northern Grasslands. It is about the same size as Zeotriegn, but a little smaller, measuring at 759,122 square feet.


The inhabitants of Xenox only know of one season: Winter. Year round it is only about 10-0 degrees F.

Weekly the realm receives deep snowstorms, hailstorms, and tornadoes.

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