Xander Tyros
Fantasy prince wallpaper - xander
Xander Tyros, armoured
Vital statistics
Title Prince
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Tyros Dynasty
Status Alive
Location Castle Dultrak
Xander Tyros is the current head of the surviving Tyros family and ruler of the Kingdom of Tyros.


Golden-haired, Tyros is quite athletic and thin. He naturally wears an emotionless expression.


Jealous, vain, and miserly, Xander is an unpleasant individual particularly to those close to him. He cares more for conquering Tyvarna and not releasing any territory under him than for keeping his subjects alive.


Preferring appearance over function, Xander wears heavy ceremonial armour gilded with gold borders rather than more effective standard plate. He bears a kite shield with the Tyros crest and a longsword.


Xander was born in 3983 AC, and so is 22 years old at the current time. After his father died when he was aged 11, he took the throne, with his mother acting as steward until her death.

He guards his sister Amelia Tyros jealously and is contemptuous of his young brother Jas Tyros.

In FictionEdit

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