Wyverns are a type of dragon native to the realm of Draka. There are several races in existence.

Description and PhysiologyEdit

All wyverns have just two legs and two wings, and they are the only dragons in the realm to possess these features. Their wings are large in proportion to their body, and all types are adept at flying. Otherwise, there is great variability between the different species.

Common WyvernEdit

Common Wyverns are, as their name suggests, the most common species in existence. They are rather small, at 3 meters (10 feet) long and with a 5 meter (16 feet) wingspan. They are more suited for ground running than other wyverns, although their flight ability remains unaltered. Most Common Wyverns have been befriended and domesticated by species such as man, and are used as steeds.

Great WyvernEdit

Great Wyverns are some of the largest of all existing dragons, measuring in excess of 50 meters (164 feet) long and 70 meters (230 feet) in wingspan. They have particularly long toes and are rather ungainly when walking on the ground; because of this, they spend most of their life airborne.

Because of their immense size, Great Wyverns live on or over open plains, preying on large animals to satisfy their hunger.


All wyverns eat meat. The smaller species are happy to snack on smaller animals within their habitat, but the larger types must live on more sizeable creatures or, ocassionally, beasts of burden.


Wyverns are sapient. Most are nomads, wandering their native habitat alone and living out their lives in secret. Sometimes, they will form traveling packs, but this is uncommon.

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