Vyorim landscape

The map of Vyorim.

Vyorim is a realm south of Zorvath. It houses men, alfa and dwarves. Currently a war (or rebellion, depending on the perspective as the Elves ruled all over Vyorim until the Iceland Rebellions. The Elves failed to suppress the rebellion and a new political state was born, it was called the Froskir Alliance-as it was formed by the tribes of the Maevoraen, Nivolaeno, Aereano and Lantaeresa continents-. But now the Froskir Alliance is divided and listen to two rulers. Mandrev Iorkva-ruling in the northwest-and Laevok Hogarkh-ruling in the southwest-. As always they continue their fight against the Arkhaena Kingdom)is still raging on and 2 decades ago the Elven king of the Arkhaena Kingdom requested the aid of the Zoriath Empire from the realm of Zorvath (which was provided as Empreror Cam Bonja is married to the King's daughter). Until recently the three major Nomadic Clans of the Ovoraeni continent have declared their independence and are fighting each other for supremacy. The Arkhaeni Kingdom couldn't suppress this rebellion due to the war.

Ruling NationsEdit

Important individuals in VyorimEdit

Vyorim territory

A map of Vyorim showing the current borders of nations: -Green=Arkhaena Kingdom. -Red=Zarioth Empire -Blue=Iorkva Clans -Purple=Hogarkh Clans -Brown=Nomad Tribe. -Grey=Nomad Tribe. -Orange=Nomad Tribe.

In FictionEdit

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