Volucris are hideous insectoid creatures residing in the Dread Catacombs.


They have a large, armour-plated body. The armour plating is similar to an exoskeleton, but much tougher. It has a comparatively small head, with two small beady eyes, and a beak-like mouth. It also has two long, feathery appendages connected to the the sides of the head, used to 'feel' the air, as they cannot see without light.

They have four long legs, covered again in their exoskeleton-like armour. Each foot has three claws. They have a long tail, covered in small, overlapping segments of their armour. The tip of the tail has a fan-like decoration, which is actually used as a weapon, as the bony supports for the feathers are very hard and sharp.

The bite of a Volucris is venomous. The venom also has acidic properties, eating away the skin in the affected area, while the poison causes veins and arteries to expand and eventually burst over the course of about ten minutes, causing severe internal bleeding.

An adult Volucris is 1.5 metres high, and around four metres long.


Volucris live solitary lives. They are capable of producing eggs alone, and lay one clutch of around three eggs in their lifetime. They hunt alone, preying on other creatures inhabiting the catacombs, and their own kind.


Volucris are strictly carnivorous, feeding off smaller members of their own kind, and other creatures inhabiting the catacombs, which tend to feed on the soil itself.

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