Vaessiros is a golden Dragon, a Weyrlord of the V'skarn Weyr in Emiria.



A Western Dragon 32 metres long and with a wingspan of 31 metres, Vaessiros is large, but not unusually so. He has large head frills, with spikes protruding, and green eyes.

His scales and wings are in pristine condition, and shine in the sunlight.


A typical dragon, Vaessiros possesses a seemingly cold and alien intelligence. He appears proud and selfish to other races, but does what is best for his Weyr.


Vaessiros has little trust in his magic, but can capably cast fireballs, agony waves or lightning.


Vaessiros is only 109 years old, but recent disasters in V'skarn have caused the deaths of three previous Weyrlords. Vaessiros became leader, as he was the strongest and oldest remaining.

However, he has competition from Xan'zou, an Oriental dragon who had hoped for Weyrlordship.

In FictionEdit

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