Tyvarna is a realm in Mythos to the west of Emiria and on the same continent. It is wracked by the echoes of a cataclysm that occurred over three hundred years ago.



There are several biomes in Tyvarna. Much is grassland and meadows, and almost half is forested. The northern parts tend to have coniferous forests and the temperate regions deciduous. Bronzewood is a forest in the south of Tyvarna made up mainly from trees with leaves covered in bronze, and the river Austrus runs straight through it.

The north also has a large region of bog, and there is a large mountain range in the north-east including several peaks above 6000m. The river Nea runs through the bogs and the High Forest in the north-east.

In the south-west is the Desert of Sighs and the Mura Forest. The Mura forest bears the brunt of rainclouds coming in from the western sea, so is often wet and misty.

In the west is the Crater; an eldritch caldera over thirty kilometres across that seeps out magical energy and is coloured purple. Lightning of many colours is ever-present and there is an intensely bright light at the epicentre. Strange phenomena occur within the depression.

Political StateEdit

Before the cataclysm, two kingdoms formed Tyvarna- the Tyros Dynasty and the Noldun Dynasty. They were initially friendly and traded, solidifying an alliance. At some point, they declared war. The crater's epicentre lies where the capital of one kingdom was, and the other was abandoned shortly after.

No-one rules Tyvarna any more. Most settlements are independent and govern themselves, though Castle Dultrak hosts the last heirs of the surviving royal family and controls Fort Noryal in the east and the city of Haysal in the south-west, styling itself the Kingdom of Tyros.

Two other factions are the Raul clans and the Iderna. They both have substantial military power and aggressively attempt to subdue other settlements, as well as raiding the remaining holdings of the Tyros family.

Port Voy is a naval city struggling to fight the raiders from Veksca. It has a population of around thirty thousand and a professional army, relying mainly on fishing for food.

There are also Alfa in Tyvarna, based in the forest city of Dreamwood. There are several dragon Weyrs in the mountains including Sukos Weyr in Mount Saura.

Neighbouring regionsEdit

Tyvarna borders Emiria. Emirion is located directly to the south and Veksca is located to the north.

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