Tyros Dynasty


Xander Tyros


Southern Tyvarna


Castle Dultrak



The Tyros Dynasty is the family that once ruled the southern half of Tyvarna. They now rule the Kingdom of Tyros.


The first records of the Tyros family come from 2083, shortly before the foundation of the two kingdoms of Tyvarna. They led an alliance of warrior and merchant tribes and joined them together under one banner, through force, negotiation, and trade.

They ruled the region, at peace with the Northern lands of the Noldun Dynasty, until the early 3600s. They then declared war on each other and the campaign was long and bloody, only ending with the great Tyvarnan Cataclysm and the formation of the Crater.

The ruined Dynasty then struggled to hold on as its lands fell apart and it was left with only a few settlements under its rule. Ever since, it has jealously guarded what remains of its lands.


Prince Xander Tyros is the current head of the dynasty. He rules from Castle Dultrak, and keeps his sister Amelia Tyros and younger brother Jas Tyros there.

Their father died in 3094 AC, when Xander was eleven years old. Their mother than acted as steward for six years before dying herself of fever and leaving Xander to rule the dynasty.


The holdings of the Tyros family include Castle Dultrak, Fort Noryal, and the city of Haysal.

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