An adult troll.

Trolls are large, predatory primates found in various areas on Mythos, particularly prevalent in Emiria. Although non-sapient, they are inherently magical beings and can only be controlled by Wizards.


Trolls are bulky, humanoid beings, with sparse fur and thick muscles. The face is contorted and the mouth sports several long tusks (the number of tusks depends on the age of the troll). The hands are particularly large, with four claws each. The feet are similar.

Despite their bulk, trolls are surprisingly nimble and are capable of moving with great speed. Trolls are also capable of extremely rapid healing, recovering from most wounds in a matter of minutes. Their senses are extremely acute, designed for night hunting. However, this proves their main weakness, as sunlight will blind a troll. They are highly specialized, nocturnal hunters.

There are three stages in the troll life cycle- child, adult, and ancient. Child trolls are small and weak. They are solitary, as their mothers abandon them soon after giving birth. Adults are larger, often reaching heights of ten feet.  Ancients are the most dangerous type of troll, sixteen feet tall and roughly as intelligent as a great ape.


Each type of troll has a different set of behaviour. Child trolls generally hide in caves or in old logs, and prey mainly on rodents, rabbits, and occasionally children. Adult trolls prey on larger animals, and sometimes hunt in packs. Ancients always travel in groups, and frequently use their intelligence to set traps for humans. Oftentimes they will lie in wait in areas of heavy human traffic, such as roads, or more commonly, bridges. They have also been known to attack and devour entire villages, though this is rare.


Trolls can be trained by Wizards, who use Magic to discover the troll's True Name and control it. It is extremely dangerous to do this, and thus few Wizards ever secure a tame troll.

House Syrtur has a large number of the creatures in its service. These animals are leased out as mercenary units.


The first time trolls were witnessed in Emiria was in the year 3506, when a moneylender named Syrtur lended them to House Korlath, allowing them to win a crucial battle. Since then, trolls are quite common in Emiria and other regions, though their population remains the thickest in the lands of southern Emiria.

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