Titanus, one of the last Titan Dragons

Titanus is a great Titan Dragon.


Titanus appears just as a strong Titan Dragon should; black scales covering the body, orange scales on the belly area, large claws, shoulder and elbow spikes, large frills, and a shiny gem on the chest. Titanus is surely a good example for a mighty Titan Dragon.


Titanus is especially good at magic. He can use several different types of magic such as summoning natural elements, incantaions, and even levitation. His gem on his chest is a purplish color. Usually, purple gems are the most powerful, along with blue.


Titanus is very wise and humble, however you shouldn't do something bad to him; you will regret it. Titanus has a long temper, but when he loses it, he loses it all the way.

He is very sensitive about topics regarding fellow Titan Dragons.


Titanus was born in 1013 in Emiria. Titanus was originally part of a large group of Titan Dragons before they were attacked by a group of Dracons, parastetic entities who feast on magic. When Titanus realized he could kill all the Dracons by killing their hosts, his own kind. He saw this for the greater good and killed all his remaining kin. However, Deathbringer arrived at the sight of death and began to attack Titanus. The battle was rough and didn't end well, but Titanus was more victorious than Deathbringer. Titanus went into hiding until found by Trey Exanus, who later befriended him in 4002. They traveled to Deathbringer's Citadel where they met Hasina Styrke and Arjuna Razmig, Titanus fought Deathbringer again, Deathbringer winning, and it being revealed that Deathbringer had eggs. However before Titanus could die, he magically teleported himself far away, to the island of Xenox, where later in 4004, Trey Exanus went to rescue him, as he has been captured by the Dragon Riders and House Korlath for use in war.

In FictionEdit

Story: News From the South

Story: Hasina's Quest

Story: Ready for Battle

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