Titan Warriors are represented by these mighty Dragons, the Titan Dragons.

"With the strength and might of a Titan Dragon, we shall bring glory to our fathers, not from within the keep, but from the front lines."

-The code of the Titan Warriors

Titan Warriors are the third most respected and honored class of the Dragon Riders. They are the most powerful warriors besides the Apprentice and the Leader. They are represented by the mighty Titan Dragons.


Titan Warriors' jobs are usually to lead a pack of lesser members and use teamwork to annihilate the larger targets (war beasts, catapaults, stronger warriors, etc). However, Minors, Double Minors, and Majors are not allowed to lead packs.

Titan Warrior
  • Javelins
  • Spears
Notable individuals


Minors of this class rarely follow a superior member in a pack (The Field Marshall Titan Warrior, a Captain Titan Warrior, or a Double Major Titan Warrior). Usually, they stand alone and fight off enemies themselves. Although they are Minors, they are not weak opponents. They are still of one of the highest classes and are some of the fiercest warriors.

Double MinorEdit

Double Minors of this class are just as Majors and Minors. They have the choice of two battle strategies, they can fight in a pack and work together to eliminate powerful targets, or fight in solitary.


Majors of this class act just as Minors and Double Minors; choosing what they are to do.

Double MajorEdit

Double Majors are the lowest type of members in all of the Dragon Rider army that are allowed to lead a pack. They act as mini-Leaders commanding a small army consisting of about six lesser members. Usually, these packs are made up of Mock Warriors and Wyrm Warriors, but quite possibly other lesser Titan Warriors. Only one member of the Titan Warrior class is allowed in a pack, unless the members are under Double Major.


Captains do much the same as Double Majors, organize packs and eliminate stronger and larger targets.

Field MarshallEdit

Since only one Field Marshall is allowed per class and the Titan Warrior class is the highest class, that means the Field Marshall Titan Warrior is the the third strongest warrior out of all the Dragon Riders. The Field Marshall does not enter the battlefield until the main battle is finished. After the battle, the Field Marshall leads a small raid pack to search for any survivors. Raid packs are different from normal packs; they may contain any member. It is the Field Marshall's choice of who he takes with him on the "Search-and-Destroy" mission.


Titan Warriors' armors are decorated with paintings of Titan Dragons. Small gems are even placed on the place on the chest of the armor to mimic the gem of a Titan Dragon.