Titanus, one of the last Titan Dragons

Titan Dragons are one of the mightiest races of Dragons.



They have ash black scales covering the entire body, except for the fiery orange scales located on the underside of the body. A purple or blue gem is usually attached to the underside of the body, near the neck. This gem hold extremely magical qualities. Because of this, Titan Dragons are the one of the best users of magic in the Dragon world.


The leg muscles of Titan Dragons are very strong. However, they prefer to stand on two legs instead of all fours, just like their distant cousins, the Zeodragons. They have four gigantic claws on all four of their limbs. These claws are very sharp.


On their necks are large frills. Above these frills are small, golden eyes. These eyes can see very well, even in the darkness of night. Located in the mouth are very sharp teeth. On the top row, are duller teeth, but they are still very sharp. On the bottom row are the sharpest teeth.


Unlike most Dragons, Titan Dragons do not have wings. However, because of their immense knowledge of magic, they are able to levitate themselves to give the illusion of normal flight, but they still have no wings.


Titan Dragons can grow up to 190 feet long. They are very light for their size, only about 8-9 tonnes.

Intelligence and CultureEdit

Titan Dragons are also one of the wisest Dragons in all of Mythos. They are highly sapient.

Titan Dragons are known to worship the gods.


Titan Dragons were once found all over Mythos. However, an uknown event in 1020 reduced them to about 1% of their former 100%. Only about five Titan Dragons remain. Their locations are uknown. The individual dragons probably do not know others of their kind exist.

Notable Titan DragonsEdit


Titan Dragons are known to speak the Common Tongue, but most can speak several more ancient languages.


Titan Dragons are known to live up to 3,000 years old. However, most only live up to 1,700 years old.


Titan Dragons used to lay eggs, but no more females seem to live. This may be why there was a massive drop in the species count in 1020.

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