Castle age alexandra by genzoman-d47oslj

Alexae Rhobagh, a famous Captain.

The Thervenii Legionnaires are the most disciplined and strongest troops in the Zarioth Empire. They mostly use horses to plunge themselves into battle.


The Thervenii Legionnaires use a wide variation of troops such as the:

  • Thervenii Messenger: They have little fighting experience but are excellent horseriders.
  • Thervenii Pathfinder: The only Thervenii rank that never trained on horses, they are soldiers used to track down their enemies, lay ambushes and gather enemy intelligence.
  • Thervenii Bowrider: A Thervenii rank that excels in using bows.
  • Thervenii Pursuer: Thervenii soldiers that have to chase their foes and take them out one by one with the help of their crossbows.
  • Thervenii Knight: The second best Thervenii rank, these riders excel in sword combat and should never be underestimated.
  • Thervenii Legionnaire: The best of the best, the Thervenii Legionnaires are trained to fight with swords, spears and bows. They are deadly in combat and should never be faced alone.

Important individualsEdit

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