The War of Zeotriegn Beach was a war along the coast of the Kingdom of Zeotriegn in 3954.

King Tytos Korlath, king of southern Emiria, sent a large fleet of battle galleys to invade the Kingdom of Zeotriegn, owned by King Alfred Enorax Zeotriegn the Twelfth. This attack caused a great three way war between the armies of the Kingdom, the armies of the south, and The Dark Lords. The Dark Lords entered the war just at the first attack and used a spell known as the Apocalyptic Spell. This spell transformed about half of the forces of the two other armies into undead soldiers, commanded by Apacamoid Necrosis. However, this spell was so powerful, Apacamoid died. The undead forces immediatley died, as they had no master. The Dark Lords quickly escaped to the Taboo. The battle raged on, until the armies of the south had to flee. Only about 100 troops of the south survived, while about 1000 troops from he Kingdom survived.

A survivor from the Kingdom, Zealot Hedroid, wrote about this war in his book The Summonings. The book contains some historic information, but it is mostly fiction.

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