Titan's Wrath
The Titan's Wrath is a powerful weapon used by Dajun Arcanius.


The Titan's Wrath is a medium sized spiked ball, chained to a long black pole, a mace. The black wooden handle has three silver bands on it. At the end is a small piece of tied string. On the shaft of the mace are the letters D.A.carved. These letters stand for Dajun Arcanius, its one and only wielder.


The special thing about this weapon is the actual power of the mace, the ball. Unlike the other silvery metals of this weapon, the ball is not made of silver. It is actually made of the orb of a Sei. This ball was made of the killed Sei's orb and mas melted down to pure liquid and moulded into this sphere. This sphere now possesses the magical properties of the orb of the Sei; the ability to manipulate gravity. The Titan's Wrath works just the same as when used by the Sei, when the holder swings, it unleashes a wave of gravity, sending the target flying. The good thing about The Titan's Wrath is that even with a human's strength being much lower than that of a Sei, The Titan's Wrath still inflicts damage via the sharp points of the ball. The only bad thing about not having as much strength as a Sei is that this mace does not send a wave of gravity as strong as the Sei.

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