The Resistance is a group in Olympia, led by Dajun Arcanius.


The Resistance's goal is to end the reign of The Empire of The Ancient Ones. They do this by attacking forces of The Ancient Ones.


The Resistance started in 2534. They started by attacking a group of barracks near Olympix. They were victorious and began to destroy more forces of The Ancient Ones. Eventually, in 2536, The Ancient Ones found out and attacked The Resistance. This resulted in The War of Olympix, obviously in Olympix. In this war, The Resistance fought for possesion of Olympix. If they were victorious, they would be so much closer to neutralizing The Ancient Ones. But of course, they did not bring home victory. Instead, they fled away into the unknown territories of the Descolox Desert. They have been ignored since, but some traces and essences are still seen. In 3985, nominations for a ruler of The Resistance were held. The following year, Dajun Arcanius won the voting and became ruler of the group.

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