The Night is an entity that, at the current time, has complete rule and control over the realm of Draka. Some rumors purport that the Night is in fact the Drakan deity Skolos.


The Night's true form is obscured by a black cloud. Nobody knows what this cloud is made of, but it is often suggested to be composed of smoke, soot, ash, and similar particles. Another opinion is that the cloud is a substance conjured from magic.

Regardless of its shape, the Night is colossal in size.


Nobody is sure of the Night's true mindset and personality, aside from its love of chaos and destruction. If it is in fact a manifestation of the god Skolos as some believe, then it is bent on achieving eternal victory over Day and the forces of good.

Even though the Night's identity is unknown, it is often commonly referred to as male.


The Night commands the Slashers, a race of vicious dragons who love to kill. These dragons control the smaller districts on the continents.

Other races are also forced to serve the Night or be killed by the Slashers.


Nothing is known of the Night until the year 3953, when it descended upon the Drakan city of Heliopolis and destroyed it. From there, it helped render chaos across the whole realm. Nobody has seen it since, but it is certain that the Night still exists somewhere.

The ancient Drakan book Tome of Eternity gives this account on the incident:

One day in the heavens, Night shall raise his sword over the world, and Day shall not hold him, because Night's strength has been silently building for years and years. The doors of the sky will open, and Night shall descend upon our blessed Draka to ascertain his rule. But he will not be alone, for he shall head an army of draconian rage to be his soldiers, his lieutenants, and his generals. He shall come down upon the City of the Sun, swathed in darkness, and make himself known and feared. He shall rule over the whole of the land, in a kingdom of hatred and danger and darkness.
But Night will not rule forever. Day shall rise again, and she shall come bearing her shining and glorious angel, a victim no longer. A sword of Light shall strike Night and banish him once more to the far reaches of the heavens, where no innocent soul shall tread. And then the peace and glory of Day will watch once more upon the land, until the end arrives.

- The Tome of Eternity

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