The Dawn War was a great war between the humanoids and reptilians of Emiria. It was the beginning of humanity's dominance in Emiria.


The cause of The Dawn War is often attributed to the state of how the humans were treated by the reptilian forces. Humanity and other related species began to rebel and the reptilians could not contain the uprising and were ultimately defeated.


Races on the reptilian side included the Zolothot, Dragonoids and Dragons.

The humanoids included the humans, Alfa, Dwarves, and Primixians.

Major BattlesEdit

Some major battles of The Dawn War and a brief synopsis of them are as follows.

  • The battle for the Frostwood. A reptilian (mainly Zolothot) force of around 1000 marched north on the stronghold of Fywood, as this was the beginning of the war they were hoping to end it quickly with the death of the human-dwarf coalition. With the aid of the Alfa, the human forces were able to position themselves in the Frostwood so that they could ambush the unwary reptilian forces. It was a disastrous loss for reptilians and made a name for the humans, a threat the reptilians could no longer ignore.
  • The Battle of Thereham Downs: A division of a human force stationed nearby the downs marched on the Zolothot forces encamped at the downs, on their first assault they were able to take the enemy by surprise and freed many slaves before they were repelled. The Zolothots were far more alert and added more sentries when they camped at night. However, the humans armed the slaves they freed and marched again on the Zolothots with their full force, easily defeating the reptilian army.
  • The Battle of Caxla: One of the few reptilian victories from the Dawn War, the battle of Caxla was fought after a reckless human commander led his forces into a Zolothot city. The city's inhabitants hid and watched, allowing the humans to reach the city centre before attacking, also having summoned a small Dragonoid force to assist them attack the humans. It was a decisive reptilian victory.


As the Zolothot cities were destroyed one by one, Dragonoid villages were torched, and several Dragon Weyrs were sacked, the reptilians realised that victory would not come to them. They agreed to a peace, accepting the conditions demanded by the humans and giving the majority of Emiria to them. The Dragon Riders and Dracomancers were also a result of this treaty.

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