The Ancient Ones are a mysterious group of beings that rule over Olympia.


It is uknown if The Ancient Ones are just a group of one race or if they are a race of themselves. It is certain that they are highly powerful in their features and abilities. A few unique features are;

  • They seem to live thousands of years
  • They are capable of using very powerful magic
  • They are highly intelligent

It is impossible to tell exactly what they look like, they are always covered in thick, black robes. However, it is obvious that they are humanoids.


The Ancient Ones believe that they are dieties created by Mythos 'herself'. They believe the purpose of their creation is to take rule of the beings that reside on 'her' body.


The Ancient Ones, as their name suggests, are very ancient. Nobody knows exactly when they were formed, but some records show that they appeared around the early years of Olympia, about 0100. They started a massive 3 year war against all of the Olympian inhabitants. Many expected them to loose, as it was just six members against the entire Olympia. However, they use extremely poweful and advanced magic that is far more powerful than any magic Olympians have seen before. They won Olympia and established the Seven States of Olympia and The Empire.

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