Taika Pyora is a female teenage magician.


Taika is kind and forgiving. She doesn't get angry very easily, and when she does, she calms down very easily, though she holds a deep bitterness for the bandits that destroyed her village and killed her parents.


Taika is average height, with blue eyes and long, light brown hair. She is fair-skinned.


She was born in the West in 3988, to Roran and Katrina Pyora. When she was ten, her village was attacked by bandits. She and her parents fled, to another village, where they stayed for five years. Then, the bandits hunted them down again, this time killing Roran and Katrina. Taika managed to fend off the bandits, now more competent in magic, then fled again. After a couple of months, she came upon House Solus. She settled down there, quickly making friends with Hasina and Huo.

In the final battle against Deathbringer, she used a spell mentioned in Tectia's scrolls that had been lost to humans since the dawn of Mythos. Even with the extra energy stored in the staff, the spell is presumed to have killed her; however, the resulting explosion blew the top off Deathbringer's citadel, and supposed killed him, though this is not confirmed.

In FictionEdit

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