Summoned demon


Arguably the most powerful form of magic is Sumi; the Ancient word of magic for Summon. Like Mina and Necro; Sumi is one of the most powerful, yet hardest to master forms of magic. Alone, Sumi can be used to summon a duplicate form of the caster. This duplicate can fight for the caster or do any other things for the caster for 5 minutes, or until it dies like a normal person. When the ien Spell Enhancement is applied, the summoned duplicate does not vanish, but it becomes weaker.

This magic tree allows the caster to summon many beings for the use of the caster, but should not be used by unexpierianced conjurers.

Spell EnhancementsEdit

This spell tree is different in that it does not use many normal spell Enhancements, but rather uses actual base spells as enhancements. This is called a Compound Spell.

All Known Spells Regarding Sumi

Spell Name.

Info. Things between () are the enhancements


BASE SPELL: Summons a duplicate of the caster that can be used for any purpose. Vanishes after 5 minutes or if mortally wounded. Level 3 Spell


A duplicate is summoned. This duplicate is noticably weaker, but has no "time limit". Level 3 Spell.


A stronger version of the duplicate is summoned, but its time limit is 3 minutes. Level 3 Spell.

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