Sometimes, it's all a matter of perspective.

Chapter 1Edit

Levi'acten TaerDen Levo'yure Taer sat in the council hall with his tribemates. The hall was underground. Levi'acten didn't know how deep, and didn't really care. The only thing that concerned him was the support of the roof...

The walls were covered with ornate paintings of various battles and heroes from the Golden Age. They were hand painted, and crudely so, but Levi always reveled in the glory of his ancestors. It drew him up, filled him with courage and daring.

"Pay attention, fishbait." Levi's egg-brother whispered in coarse tones, just out of the hearing of the tribemaster who was busy ranting away about something or other.

Fishbait was the name that stuck the most. It was more than just an insult, it was the actual meaning of Levi'acten's name. His clan name, "Taer" being 'One Who Fishes' and his sub-clan name, "Den" being 'Bait for Glory'. Most others left out the glory part.

Levi reflected on how bold he had been, choosing that name. Taer was an old title and filled with the spilled blood of foes. Den was sort of a joke. Levi had always been called fishbait, this was just taking it a step further. The patriarch did not approve, and treated Levi with contempt.

"You are lost in thought, Levo'yure, would you like to tell us why?" The tribemaster boomed out. It startled Levi, but he regained his composure and told a lie to try and save face.

"Just wondering who built this city." The tribemaster looked at him very closely and then released the gaze and boomed out a laugh, a sign for the other 211 participants to do the same.

"Levo'yure, are you a pale-skin, a scholar? Would you rather live in the trees? Who cares what dumb beast built this city. We've grown it with our blood, that is enough." Levi was fond of the tribemaster, if one could call any feelings of a Yorthaalo "fond".

"Levo'yure, you are not yet joined, correct?" The tribemaster said. The focus had obviously shifted now from the previous topic. Yorthaalo were not known for patience.


"And when is your trial to begin?"

"I don't know. I haven't decided." The tribemaster seemed to profess amusement at this.

"Well, you must go soon! Tomorrow, even! Yes, tomorrow. Do not stare so stupidly, fishbait, your 'honourable' name must be passed on!" The tribemaster had the entire council laughing, but there was an air of fatherly kindness around him.

Well, as much kindness as a Yorthaalo has, of course.

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