• The ancient Draegen deity, Abyssal Fissure.Go to Abyssal Fissure.
These are some of the Draegen mythologies stored in the Library of Draegen Orbs. In all Draegen mythologies, only one is shared with the Dragons.

Abyssal FissureEdit

In the Old Days (refering to the beginning of life)there was none and yet there was everything. There was none for no living thing excisted, and there was everything for there was a beginning. The beginning shaped nature, from this nature came life. Life continued the creation, life began to spread throughout the World. All kinds of different species were made in the proces. But we are one of the Gods compared to the others, the reason? Abyssal Fissure. A Draegen 7 times the normal size, he had a powerfull magical presence within him. He was feared by foe and ally. All that could kill him was age, and that was what he hated most, he hated time itself. In a plan he created to stop the flow of time he created his own doom. When he nearly succeeded the force of magic grew within him, as planned. But he never planned how to stop it and he became a pure magical being. This caused his flesh to disappear and getting replaced with a purple aura. When he was transformed he became full of anger due to his strength, it began to corrupt him. He declared war on all living things. But once he disembarked from his realm he got pulled into a magical vortex as he somehow distorted his surroundings. It is said that he destroyed the balance of magic and therefore had to be pulled to another dimension. People from long ago believed that he will once return seeking revenge as he believes magic users brought him to another dimension.

Dragon RunesEdit

Varitiir, the Dragon SlayerEdit

Yanthar Virghok, the Draegen Child.Edit

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