Tales Of A Forgotten Time by GlacierDragon
Far away from all known realms, there was a civilisation. Dra'Leren, or Moon Elves as we call ourselves. We are a gift of the Gods, tasked with protecting and purging the planet which we call Mothra (Mother), other species call it Mythos. All species are unique, we have things in common but we are all different.

But that is what we throught, all species have 3 things in common:

One, all species think they are supreme towards the other.

Two, deeply hidden we all have the same origin.

And Three, we thrive to perfect ourselves.

But what is the definition of perfect? There is no perfect being or thing, only one who is better than the others. But does that mean this one is perfect? These are the sort of questions we asked ourselves.

Some questions were silenced by the Queens, they did not want us to find the answers. We are but subjects to her will, so we obeyed.

One man nearly found the answer to perfection, his answer was simple. Share your joy, for if you keep it to yourself, how are you going to enjoy life? With that answer our philosophers began to enlarge the whole. Permanent peace, equality, joy, all of these things have to be present in order to achieve perfection.


Who are we to call ourselves perfect? We wage war among our brethern, for wealth! How is it possible that corruption could infest our hearts? We thrive to become perfect, but instead of improving ourselves we are lowering ourselves to primitives!

The Flood has tided, their drops have dried up. The Blood begins to invade and slaughters those who could not escape in time. The capitol burns, the invaders kill, loot and desecrate. By the Mothra, how can they act so primitive? We are a noble race, we are meant to be perfect.

Dead rise again, recomensing their onslaught upon our brothers. I am ashamed to be part of a culture that kills their bretherns for mere wealth, life is more precious than all gold in the world.

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