Stamuno (Pronounced Stee-moo-no) is a race of highly technologically advanced elves dwelling in the deep caverns of Olympia, untouched by the surfacing civilizations since the arrival of the Ancient Ones. They are unusual for elf-kind, not focusing on magic. Although they have superior magic to most other races, the Stamuno race has focused on more machine than magic.


The elvish Stamuno race has been virtually untoched by any civilization since about 0100. This time is when the Ancient Ones first arrived on the realm of Olympia. Stamuno were the first to step up and attack, already having unique mechanical weapons such as Hydraulic Spears, spears capable of launching water at about 70 mph. After about a day of fighting, the wise Stamuno realized they were to loose the fight, so they quickly fled to the cavern Durzio, sealing the entrance. It is still nearly impossible to enter Durzio, as just a mile down from the entrance rest giant lava giants known as Daegohn, a primary food source for the Stamuno people.


An average Stamuno is roughly 5-6 feet tall, very short for an elf. They are usually not very muscled and have rather stick like limbs. They are born with razor sharp nails, which seemed to be the first weapon of the Stamunians, before any real machinery was invented. Still, Stamunos were probably the first to make a weapon in all of Mythos, as the Stamuno kind have evidence tracing back to a time earlier than Zolothots and even Orcs.

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