South jungles treated

The Southern Jungles

The Southern Jungles are a vast region of tropical forest located on the same continent as but south of Emiria. It is hot, humid, and filled with life.


Straddling Mythos' equator, the Southern Jungles are bordered by the volcanic chain that marks the end of Emiria to the north and by the sea to the east and west. The south desert penetrates deep into the Jungles from the south-east.

There are two great rivers here; the Azmus and the Xelya. There are mountains within the rainforest located in the northwest and northeast, and the large lake Tlexl is located quite centrally.


There is only ever one season in the jungles- hot, humid, and with frequent rainfall. Rains are often extremely powerful and can cause rivers to rise by up to two metres.


The Southern Jungles are plentiful in natural resources, such as wood. Traders from Emiria visit here quite regularly, where they gather various fruits, spices, and animal hides to sell up north.


Fauna of the Southern Jungles.

Sapient beings:

Non-sapient beings:


It is said that the jungles were formed with trees already sprouting from the ground. Some of the largest trees in the jungle can reach hundreds of metres tall and do seem to be around four thousand years old. Around them are areas of ground that have never seen sunlight.

About seven years after the creation of the world, the first Junglemen came to live in the Jungles. Here they formed thousands of small tribes. 

By the 3400s, the peoples of Emiria had become fully aware of the Southern Jungles and the bounty they contained. In 3412, a exploratory party sent by House Korlath destroyed a Jungleman settlement, devastating relations with the tribes for hundreds of years. Even today, battles occur in the forest between natives and foreign invaders.

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