Solus spire
Solus Spire is the building in House Solus where the Miles family reside.


Solus Spire is made of lumps of rock. It is four storeys high, with each storey narrower than the last to make the spire shape.

The bottom floor is as wide as a house, but just one floor high. The next three floors get progressively smaller, and the top one is a bedroom for two, where the lord and lady of the house traditionally stay. There are two bedrooms on the floor below for any children they may have.


Solus Spire was built while House Solus was under the protection of Tectia's grandmother, their first guardian. It was the official Miles family residence for thousands of years, though frequently needed repairing.

In 4003, when Hasina Styrke arrived at House Solus, Intisara Miles was Lord of the House, and though he had no children he had elected Huo Lyall as his heir. They both lived there, and so did Hasina. However, when she settled down she had her own hut built.

In 4005, the Spire, along with the rest of House Solus, was destroyed when the House came under attack from Shadowlings. In an effort to drive them off, Taika Pyora cast a kamikazee spell that completely destroyed the settlement. Most of the people who lived there were killed, and those that escaped fled to nearby houses.

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