Snow elf by thelizangel-d332rua

An example of a common Snow Elf female

Who are we? We are the Saelonthor, Snow Elves. We are guardians of the sky, harbingers of peace, annihilators of wars.
- A Saelonthor Monk to a shored Human

Snow Elves (or Saelonthor [from the words Saelon=Snow and Thor=Elf] in their own tongue) are a species of Elves that live in the snowy regions of Yantheriol (mountaintops with everlasting snow or regular arctic regions).

They have thriving societies and mostly live as monks, however, they have a strict and excellent military power that equals the greatest known armies. They make use of the native creatures such as the Snow Leopards or Snowstorm Birds.

They have a strong alliance with the Sand Elves (or Zwyorefthor) that gives both a win-win situation. This alliance forces both sides to help each other in times of war, this caused the Snow Elves to join the war between the Sand Elves and the Sandcrawlers.


There is a sub-species of Saelonthors known as Saelixios, or Blizzard Monk (Saelix= Blizzard and Ios= Monk) that separated from the main Saelonthors population and sailed to the island of Malta, where they thought they would be more connected with their god, Zaxyl as they claim they felt more connected to the gods. Saelixios were superior to the Saelonthors and were much stronger magically speaking. They were known to be superior magic wise to just about anything, possibly only being surpassed by semi-god beings like The Ancient Ones. This natural magical ability allowed them to kill something like a dragon with a short incantation. The Saelixios are currently thought to be extinct, although the reason is unknown. Many thought they were chased down by Dark Elf followers of Maltayr, because of the rivalry between the and the god Saelixios worshipped strongly, Zaxyl, as Malta is inhabited mainly by Dark Elves. However, it is possible a few escaped to the nearby island of Olympia and now live in exile.


The Saelonthors can have 3 different hair colours: White, Silver or Blonde. Their eyes are either deepblue or gray. Most of the Saelonthor are about 1m 87cm long.


The Saelonthor have no records of their origin, but ruins all over Yantheriol show they arrived from the north suggesting that there is an unknown realm north of Yantheriol which should be the home of the Saelonthor.

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