Slashers are sapient, vicious dragons that live in the realm of Draka. They serve The Night.


Slashers are comparatively small dragons, about 7.5 meters long. However, they are perhaps even more frightening than larger dragons.

Slashers are bipedal walkers, although their arms are almost as long as their legs. Each hand has three fingers, which were tipped with sharp talons that measure over 25 cm long. These talons are prized by some dwarves, who use them for decoration when they can get them.

The wings of a Slasher are large, with a wingspan of about 9 meters. Their Flightstone is powerful and can keep them in the air for nearly 12 hours at a time.

Slashers have a head crest that runs down to their upper back. Their skin is scaly, and is colored red with black stripes.


Slashers can inhabit any type of terrain or settlement, as they are quite adaptable. Their place of origin is unknown, as they arrived with The Night.


Slashers feed on meat, and love it. They prey on all manner of humans, dwarves, Alfa, and other races in Draka. These dragons will often kill even when they don't need to.


Slashers are sapient, but frighteningly so. Their instinctual psychology is to kill, and they destroy entire villages for fun.


Slashers have no known formal society. They will dwell in rich, abandoned palaces occasionally, although those who do this are usually individuals in charge of regions.


Slashers are heard speaking Common. However, it is entirely likely they have a language to communicate with each other, and it is speculated that they use another language when reporting to The Night.

Magical SkillsEdit

Slashers are capable of using magic, but they use it sparingly and continue the pleasure of killing with tooth and claw.

When they do use it, they are even more dangerous. They are capable of using the magic of four elements, which is the major form of magic in Draka.


The Slashers came to attention when they arrived in Draka with The Night. The ancient deity used them to decimate major cities and control the native population.

In FictionEdit

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