Silverwind is Gladius König's Dragon.


Silverwind has shiny silver molded scales all over his body. It appears that he has no scales, but they are just molded togother like the bones of a cranium. Silver wind has azure blue eyes.

Silverwind has long frills on his head, that transform into webbed spines along his back.

Silverwind's wings branch out just above his front legs. Silverwind is an expert flyer with his large muscular wings.

The front legs of Silverwind are very small. They have three black claws on each foot.

The back legs are extremely large and muscular, about three times as large as the front legs.

Silverwind has a very slender tail. He uses this tail like a boat rotor to correct his flight mistakes. He has also been seen using his tail as a whip.


Silverwind is very cruel and cold hearted, doing whatever it takes to make someone's life miserable. He is much like his master, Gladius.


Not much about Silverwind's life is known except that Silverwind was raised from birth by Gladius König. Silverwind was Gladius' first dragon.

He has been known to destroy castles only with the help of his master. He does these things in his spare time.


Silverwind is great at magic. He can call upon the four elements and even use the weather as a magical weapon. He can shoot strong jets of intense flames out of his mouth.

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