Shadowlings are mysterious black dragons that have been occasionally sighted on the fringes of Emiria and nearby realms such as Zeotriegn and Emirion.


Shadowlings grow to around thirty metres (100ft) long.

They have a strange-shaped head, with a hooked jaw filled with needle-sharp teeth. They have three sets of horns; two are black and pointed backwards, interlocking with each other. The other pair are a dull yellow colour, and point forwards, and can be used as weapons. Their nostrils are high up on their head, and they have small, blood-red eyes.

They have four long, muscular legs, each with four clawed fingers. The front two legs have purple-coloured fins attached to the upper leg, with no apparent purpose. They have two large, leathery wings, which are also purple-coloured. They branch out, giving the appearance of feathers, but they are actually much tougher. The wing bones are long and flexible, and each wing has one large claw.

Along the back run large, leathery spines, supported by a bony spike. They are also purple coloured. The spines continue right to the tip of the tail, where several spines merge together to form a sort of sail.

A Shadowling's head, legs, body and tail are covered in tough, black scales, but they have a vulnerable underbelly with no scales protecting it.

Intelligence and PsychologyEdit

Shadowlings tend to avoid sapient species, but the few interactions that have been made have been destructive. They are almost definitely sapient.

They are ruled by the Shadowlord.


It can be assumed Shadowlings are carnivorous.


Shadowlings do not breathe conventional fire. They only breathe dark fire; the only other individual to exhibit this ability is Deathbringer. Dark fire can melt substances such as dragon scales that normally would remain unharmed by fire.

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