Sei are large war beasts used by The Empire.


Sei are large spiked worms. They can grow up to 60 feet long and 6 feet wide. Their skin is carved with holes like the combs of a bee hive. They allow air to travel down to the true skin and enter the body. If not for the holes, a Sei would die within minutes. The small segments between the holes are made of bone. These bones form spikes toward the "mouth" of the Sei. These spikes have no apparent reason for existing, but it is certain to have a reason.

Located at the centre of the spikes is the "mouth". The hole ("mouth") is used to absorb solar energies from the sun. The Sei convert the solar energy into food. The mouth is also used for defence. When threatened or attacked, the Sei is able to spew a highly toxic jet of liquid from its mouth. The liquid is able to dissolve even the strongest of metals with the lightest touch.

On the tail of the Sei is a large silvery sphere made of unknown metallic material. This sphere is used as a mace or morning star, giving the Sei the ability to whack enemies from behind. The special thing about the bulb on its tail is its ability to react with gravity with magic. The sphere can manipulate gravity, allowing it to send the target flying. The Sei can use it to deflect projectiles, attack approaching targets, or even use the sphere to propel itself into the air.


Although all Sei act differently, they all love causing chaos. It is natural for a Sei to have an urge to cause catastrophe and havoc.


The Sei were obtained by The Empire just after its founding. They were captured and trained then. The Sei were then hidden until they were put into combat during The War of Olympix.

The Sei were used in The War of Olympix. The Resistance was stunned at the powerful beasts, so they focused on eliminating the Sei in battle, ignoring the other threats until the Sei were eliminated. The Resistance nicknamed these worm-like titans "Gravity Worms" for their worm like appearance and their ability to manipulate gravity with magic. After that war, the Sei were hidden again, waiting for more chances to cause destruction.


Sei are not very smart, although they have been known to do sapient like things such as using a rock as a projectile for its "Gravity Mace" tail. Much like a Phoenix, the sapience of Sei are being debated of.


Sei were originally inhabiting the undergrounds of the Descolox Desert until they were captured by The Empire. There are no more known Sei living in the Descolox Desert. It is currently unknown where The Empire holds the Sei.

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