A Broodwarrior as an example of a Sandcrawler

Sandcrawlers, or Zwyorefthentheraon, is a name given to a species of insects that are native to the deserts of Yantheriol. They have been at war with the Sand Elves ever since they emerged in the year 73.

There have been reports of several different types of Sancrawlers:

There are possibly more types/generations of Sandcrawlers, the Brain(s) have yet to be encountered but the Sand Elves have proof that the Broodmothers listen to a higher ranked species.

Although they emerged in 73, the Sand Elves believe they have always lived in Yantheriol. Elven expeditions to discover the locations of Hives, or Hybronaeloghs, have always resulted in bloody massacres. But it is known that the Sandcrawlers have a network of tunnels all over the deserts of Yantheriol and that these connect with the Hybronaeloghs.

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