Sand elf warriors by shabazik-d376y0c

A trading caravan spotting a Sandcrawler hole

"I've heard about this 'Human', keep an eye on it. It seems filled with rage, its eyes betrayed him. All he, or they, desire is war..."

---A Sand Elf commander against a Snow Elf Monk

Sand Elves (or Zwyorefthor) are a species of Elves native to Yantheriol and are currently in war with the Sandcrawlers.

They are allied to the Snow Elves where both sides experience a win-win situation.


Sand Elves have brown, dark or red hair. Their eyes are either brown or dark. The average Sand Elf is 1m 68cm tall. Due to the desert, and sun, their skin is tanned.


Just like the Snow Elves not much is known of their origin, aside that they could originate from a realm to the north.

Ever since the Sancrawlers surfaced in the year 73 the Sand Elves have been at war with them when they attacked several settlements.


The Sand Elves worship the Moon Elves as Gods as they were able to ascend to the heavens and believe that by worshipping them they too can ascend.

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