Roger Malyion
[[ |px]]
Vital statistics
Title King
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction House Malyion/The King of the West
Status Dead
Location Sky Fort

Roger Malyion was the King of the West in Emiria from 3991 to 4005. He was the lord of House Malyion.


Roger had blue eyes and red-brown hair. He was well-built and weighed about 210 pounds.


Roger was heralded as the "last true king" by the people of the west. He was viewed as chivalrous and possessive of a personality that befit a king, among these were his renowned kindness and the fact that he was always caring for his people.


Roger was born in 3962 and took to the throne in 3976 at age twenty-nine. Soon after, he married Lyannis and had a son whom he named Steffon a year later.

In 4005, Roger responded to House Korlath's advances and brought his land into a war with the south.

In FictionEdit

Story: War in the West

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