The city Rhoavorthex that can be seen upon arriving in Beaghonho

Rhoavorthex is the heartland city (home to 472.000 citizens) of the magical dimension Beaghonho and houses several species that were allowed into Beaghonho by the Lifeforge. The city is located at the Cloud Ocean and keeps watch of the borders.

The small island in the Cloud Ocean can be accessed by Levitational Platforms.

The city has 4 districts:

-Borderland district: The district that pretty much hugs the walls and thus is considered the least safe in case of an attack (which has happened twice). This is mostly a residential area.

-Safeguardian district: In this district the military troops (around 85.000) are located, they safeguard the city and in case of an attack this district should not be able to be taken.

-Heartcore district: The heart of the city, the commercial and residential areas are located here.

-Highrise district: The whole district consists of a giant floating building (which levitates through giant levitating crystals) where the nobles and royal families reside.

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