Rho-nygg compared to a tall human

Rho-nygg is a smaller and very solitary dragon.


Rho-nygg is physically smaller than most dragons. He is green and covered with spines from his head to the beginning of his tail, these are retractable. A green aura seems to emanate off of Rho-nygg, this is distortion is a by-product of Rho-nygg's magical power.


From a young age Rho-nygg was solitary, presently he lives by himself, often leading some to call him the "Hermit Dragon". However, underneath, Rho-nygg is a humble and benevolent individual. He does not participate in the senseless destruction done by dragons such as Deathbringer, but he will steal from flocks if he is hungry. Rho-nygg makes his home in a large cave in the desert of eastern Emiria.


Physically, Rho-nygg is not very big, but he can hold his own against his enemies using magic. He prefers not to rely on it too much, causing the build up that creates the green aura around him. His flame is also green and is imbued with magic whenever he uses it.


Rho-nygg was born into a small Weyr, but quickly left it when he turned of age. He spent many years flying across Emiria looking for a good home. In that time he encountered many other dragons and learned much of humans. He also briefly encountered the dragon Deathbringer, but quickly fled knowing a lost cause when he saw one. Rho-nygg eventually made his home in the deserts of eastern Emiria, any human who seeks him out is provided food, shelter, and knowledge.

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