Blood, Death, and Glory embodied

- A high priest of the Sons of Rhaal

Rhaal as he appears in ancient statues.

Rhaal is the blood god worshipped by members of the Black Army and Black Army enthusiasts. He is also the main god of the cult Sons of Rhaal also called Sons of Blood, which was a detachment made by many soldiers in the Black Army.


Rhaal is a god of Blood, he supposedly grants eternal bliss to all those who honor his name by spilling the blood of men and beast alike. Rhaal encourages violence and war and favors those who worship him, as he is a vain and greedy god.

Rhaal supposedly has the power to decide outcomes of battles, and weighs the soul of each man and how devoted he is to his cause before deciding whether or not to kill them, a reason why Rhaal enthusiasts fought so fervently.


Statues of Rhaal are carved out of granite and painted in black and white paint only. He is an imposing figure who wears a tattered shroud over one arm and has spikes jutting from his armor. Only his bright all-knowing eyes are the visible features of his face.


Rhaal was first worshipped by the Black Army and subsequently worshipped by various cults, the prominent of which was the cult Sons of Rhaal. The True Faith of Emiria doesn't speak of Rhaal and priests of the Order have been known to say that if Rhaal exists at all, he is only a servant of Mortis. Strangely, Father Mortis makes no reference to Rhaal.

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