Rez is the Olympian god of both Life and Death in Olympian mythology.


As described at the beginning of the biblical book, "The Blood of Our Fathers", Rez has "two faces, one determined to bring thee to death, while the other urges thee to remain in existence, life.". Apparently, Rez was a large muscular man with two faces. His one face represented the god of Death, while the other represented Life. Both his heads were bearded. The book states the only distinguishing feature between the two heads was that one pair of eyes was white while the other was black. "The eyes of Death were black as the demented soul of its owner, yet the eyes of Life were as pearly and white as the pure soul of its owner." As it states, the face of Death had black eyes while the face of Life had white eyes.


Both his faces were said to behold a different personality. The face of Life was said to have a pure and kind soul, while his counterpart had a demented and cruel soul. Together, these two counterparts countered each other out.

History of RezEdit

The book "The Blood of Our Fathers" states that Rez was the first child of Mythos, the Ancient Ones being the next and last. Rez was the second being in existance and created most of all existing beings by birthing Gex and Zexariasa, the twins. By birthing Gex, god of Order, and Zexariasa, the goddess of Chaos, the goddess Ento came into existance. The chain of gods begun then.

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