Raxus Prime is one of the Seven States of Olympia.


Raxus Prime was once part of a larger area called Raxus. However, a smaller part of the area fought with the larger part because of the lack of freedom. Many things changed when The Ancient Ones arrived. The area Raxus was then split into two areas;Raxus and Raxus Prime. Paxus Prime was named after its former host, Raxus.


Raxus Prime is a smaller state. It, like its namesake, is an urban area of Olympia covering the same desert area as Raxus. This desert was probably given a name by its ancient inhabitants before the arrival of The Ancient Ones, but it was lost through its recreation. The temperature of the desert still lives, unlike its name.

Like its namesake, Raxus Prime does not have a large scatter of villages and has a more clumped city. This city covers most of Raxus Prime, but the small coastline remains rural, full of both desert and sea-side life.

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