Pyro is a word (spell) in the Ancient language of magic for Fire. Using the word Pyro will summon a stream of fire from the hands. Pyro without any suffixes or prefixes is considered to be a Level 1 Spell and can be cast by those with the slightest magical talent.

Spell EnhancementsEdit

Here is a list of known enhancements to the base spell Pyro:

All known spells regarding Pyro

Spell Name.

Info. Things between () are the enhancements


BASE SPELL: Ejects a rush of flames from caster's hands. Level 1 Spell


Same effects as Pyro except flame is much hotter. Level 2 Spell


A slighty less hot rush of flames that lasts 1.5x longer than Pyro. Level 2 Spell


An extremely hot and long lasting flame. Level 3 Spell.


A bow and arrow of flames is summoned for three minutes. Harmless to caster. Arrows burn targets, as they are made of flames. Level 3 Spell


A blade of fire is summoned for three minutes. Harmless to castor. Burns targets as it is made of flames. Level 3 Spell


A fiery aura is summoned around the caster. The aura follows the caster and threatens to burn any people who dare to enter the aura. The aura can be broken with anti-aura spells quite easily, but lasts until then. Level 3 Spell .

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