Pigblood is a small town in the south of Emiria, under the control of House Syrtur. Its purpose is to train mercenaries from an early age. Currently, there are around seven hundred of these elite warriors, and more are born every day.


The exact location of Pigblood is not public knowledge, but it is known that it exists somewhere to the south, bordering the Jungles.


Shortly after Syrtur was given his lordship, he set to work forming squads of mercenaries. He took over a nearby village, killing most of its inhabitants but leaving some as breeding stock. He then hired several former army instructors from nearby Houses, and ordered them to begin the breeding and training of new mercenaries.


The men and women trained at Pigblood, offensively nicknamed "warswine", are among Emiria's elite fighters, trained for years in using various weapons and techniques. They have been selectively bred for a few centuries, and are often taller and more muscular than the other peoples of Mythos. Many suffer from genetic disorders due to the inbreeding in the town's stock.

For all practical intents and purposes, the "warswine" are little more than animals. They are kept separate from the outside world, only coming into contact with their trainers. They do not speak the same language as the rest of Emirians, and are given commands in coded growls and grunts. The strongest and most obediant are bred to each other, and their children are then taken from them and trained.

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