A Phoenix

Phoenixes are giant fiery birds that live in southern Emiria, on the peaks of volcanoes.


Phoenixes are giant flaming birds. Their flame cannot be extinguished by conventional means and only goes out on death. The wingspan of the phoenix can be 48 feet. Like most birds, the phoenix lays eggs, but the process of hatching them is complicated. Phoenixes have no true feathers, instead relying on their flames to protect them from attackers. The temperature of the phoenix's flames ranges between 900 and 1300 degrees celsius. Common steel will not work against a phoenix, as it will only melt before reaching it's target. Only weapons forged from Dragonsteel, Unicorn horn or dragonflame can penetrate the intense heat. Fire, obviously, does not work against a phoenix. A dragon's fire has been rumored to be hot enough to actually melt the phoenix, though this has never been substantiated.

Life CycleEdit

The life cycle of a phoenix is a strange one. Phoenixes hatch from eggs laid in a nest of fire, and grow quite quickly. In about 40 years a phoenix will be fully grown, which is very quick considering their life span is 500 years. At the end of their lifetime, the phoenix will make its way to a volcano, where it will create a nest. As the phoenix is dying, it asexually produces an egg which will be bathed in the flame of the previous phoenix. When the older phoenix dies, the egg will hatch and a new phoenix will crawl out.


Phoenixes are not non-sapient creatures, but their intelligence is limited and they speak to each other in a garbled tongue not used for thousands of years. Phoenixes are not usually pack hunters but will sometimes join forces with each other to attack larger creatures, such as Dragons. Phoenixes are not malevolent in nature but will attack if they feel threatened. Phoenix attacks have been witnessed on towns built near the bases of volcanoes.

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